NEW – The “Crossing behind” directions (flanking) exercise

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Overview: In this video episode, I demonstrate and explain the 4th exercise in my system of directional command mastery – the “Crossing Behind” exercise.

Done properly, and used in conjunction with a well-designed, comprehensive commanding system, this one exercise trains 4 things:

  1. It continues to increase the sheepdog’s understanding of the directional (or flanking) commands, by progressing on from the “offset stationary directions” exercise.
  2. It introduces the next “positioning” command – “behind”.
  3. It introduces the dog to “driving” in a very basic form.
  4. It is the stepping stone to the pivotal “reverse counter-balance” directional (flanking) exercise.

The “Crossing behind” directions exercise follows on from the previous “Stationary directions” exercise. In particular, it is a progression from the “offset” stationary directions exercise.

Running time: 16 minutes

Suggested pre-requisites:

“The “Stationary directions” exercise”
“How to use the “pointing/guiding” system of arm signals”
“Widening the pup out”
“Introducing “sit down””

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