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Available anywhere in the world

Books and videos are great, but there’s nothing like having an expert to personally guide you, with specific advice tailored exactly to you and your sheepdog.

Simply brilliant!
At the start of 2016, I decided that I wanted to have a try at sheepdog work (both sporting and practical). I had literally no idea where to begin! I purchased a dog, and was extremely lucky when the dog's seller recommended Tully for some lessons.  From having no idea where to start, to managing to muster my sheep into a yard in 4 lessons was astounding! I have found my lessons with Tully to be fun, precise, and he has the ability to find a way to explain exactly what the handler needs to understand. Simply brilliant!
Melissa Harper
His rates are peanuts compared to what he delivers and what’s out there!
After paying hundreds of dollars for another trainer to come out to my home for 1 hour, I had no improvement whatsoever. Then 1 visit to Tully & not a minute later all our troubles with pulling and walking on the lead were over! It’s been weeks now and my dog has not faltered. Tully has given me the tools and knowledge to enjoy my dog as a pet, and now we are working on sheep so he will soon become a trusty work mate too. Thank you Tully for giving Buddy & I the chance to understand one another and develop a great partnership. I highly recommend Tully to help you train your dog (for work or as a pet). His rates are peanuts compared to what he delivers and what’s out there! Thanks again,
Thrilled to be having lessons with Tully
I am thrilled to be having lessons with Tully. I have made progress with my Border Collie in a matter of months, after having years of frustration when working sheep. Tully is very clear with his instructions, ensuring I understand the methods/exercises correctly. Thanks to Tully, I finally feel that being able to work sheep effectively with my dog is achievable.
Highly recommended
I highly recommend Tully Williams if you are having trouble with your working dogs, or are just wanting to improve your own training skills. Tully seems to have an exceptional talent when it comes to training dogs, and when training people to train dogs. A great setup which makes learning easy and fun.
Tarsha Walters
Very generous with advice and tips
I went to Tully to help me train my sheepdog pup as I wanted to learn as much as I could about training dogs, to improve my own training and handling skills and ensure my pup turned out the best she could. I have found Tully to be an excellent teacher and very generous with advice and tips; he has trained me as much as I have trained my own pup.
Lauren Hooper

Not only has Tully:

  • been training sheepdogs for over 30 years
  • personally trained many hundreds of sheepdogs himself (border collies and kelpies)
  • worked them in challenging conditions on large sheep and cattle properties as a professional stockman and farm manager
  • trialled them
  • was a council member, and on the open judging panel, of the VWSDA (Victorian Working Sheep Dog Association)
  • was a foundation member, past vice president and is a judge of the AUSDS (Australian Utility Stock Dog Society)
  • and has bred over 100 litters of working dogs over the past 30 years

but he is also:

  • highly experienced training people to train dogs
  • and has helped hundreds of people with their dog training.

So whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced trainer or trial competitor, Tully can help you at whatever stage you are at.  Learn from his expertise and experience, and reach your goals in vastly shorter time.


With today’s technology, anybody, anywhere in the world, can take advantage of Tully’s knowledge and experience. It’s as simple as:

  1. Book a lesson
  2. Send Tully a video (usually from your phone) of you and your dog in action, at whatever stage you are at
  3. Talk over Skype (or on the phone)

and see your sheepdog training improve in leaps and bounds. And all at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home.


If you are local, then training is available in central Victoria, Australia.

If you are a bit further afield, then this can include occasional face to face training in combination with online Skype sessions.

Contact him via messenger, the contact form, or phone 0417 386 346.

Pet or behavioural training

If you need help with non-sheepdog related training, Tully can also help you with that. Check out the reviews here.