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  • Masterclass sheepdog training videos how to keystone content

    The Handler’s Position

    In control? or Out of control?!
    Utilize the “POSITION OF CONTROL” and take your training to the next level

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    Overview: Knowing where to position yourself in relation to the sheep and the dog (and what to do in that position) in order to train the sheepdog in the way you desire, is VITAL to becoming a good sheepdog (and livestock) handler and trainer.  I call this position the “POSITION OF CONTROL” or the  “POSITION OF INFLUENCE”.

    If you are OUT OF POSITION, then no other sheepdog training methods or techniques will be effective!

    If you are in the right position, then training becomes MUCH quicker and easier.

    In this video, I explain EXACTLY where the “position of control” or “position of influence” is, how to GET yourself into that position, and then how to MAINTAIN that position with everything (sheep, dog, you) constantly moving and changing. If you are in the RIGHT POSITION, then everything else in your sheepdog training will work relatively easily.  If you are not, then sheepdog training can seem almost impossible!

    I also touch on some PRINCIPLES OF LIVESTOCK HANDLING, and why I don’t find descriptions such as “behind the eye”, “on the shoulder”, “on the hip”, etc., to be of much value, either when handling livestock or when training sheepdogs.

    Running time: 45 minutes

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