Natural Ability Sheepdog Instincts DVD

“Natural Ability – The instincts of the high-calibre working dog”

The first and only comprehensive DVD analysis of the instincts of the working dog.

Unfortunately, the most successful trial dogs are RARELY THE BEST SHEEPDOGS. Usually, they simply have the best handlers.

So many past and current NATIONAL, or even INTERNATIONAL, champions, simply lack much real natural ability.

With so many of them, if their handlers stopped commanding them, things would look very different. In fact, with some of them there would be chaos.

And yet, so many people use these dogs as sires, or purchase pups bred from them. Why? Because they simply don’t know what they are looking at. They don’t understand the INSTINCTS of working dogs, and therefore they can’t tell the difference between TRAINING and BREEDING.

So often sheepdog buyers and breeders are deceived by STYLE over SUBSTANCE, or by TRAINING rather than BREEDING.

And very often also, they simply don’t know what is possible in a dog with truly superior NATURAL ABILITY. A dog that does things instinctively, with no (or minimal) training, where most other dogs require lots of training to teach and to maintain the same things.

When you buy a pup (or use a dog as a sire) you don’t get the training, you only get the instinct.

So whether you are a breeder or a buyer, understanding the instincts of sheepdogs and being able to differentiate between training and handing, is essential.

Unless, of course, you want to waste years (and thousands of dollars) buying or breeding unsuitable or second-rate pups, that simply won’t be what you hoped for!

In fact, I did just that. I wasted years and thousands (in fact tens of thousands) of dollars trying to buy good pups, and breeding to “successful” sires only to find their success was much more due to training than to NATURAL ABILITY.

But what I did get was a very expensive (and time-consuming) education, in a huge variety of bloodlines and breeds, and of all the various instincts (and combinations of instincts) that are possible.

On top of that, I have also not only now bred over 100 litters of pups in the past 30 years, but also, unlike other breeders who sell their pups at 6 weeks, I have reared every single one of these pups to working age, where I can see and assess their INSTINCT.

This hard-earned experience and knowledge is distilled into this 4 ½ hour DVD, so YOU don’t end up wasting years (and tens of thousands of dollars) like I did, or simply not getting the enjoyment out of sheepdogs that could be yours.

Produced over 11 years ago, and still the only DVD of its type, this classic DVD has already helped hundreds of breeders and buyers. Don’t waste any more time and money on unsuitable pups or sires – understand your sheepdog’s instincts and become a knowledgeable buyer or breeder today.

So many questions have been answered… love the DVD
Hi Tully, I have just finished watching your DVD, thanks so much for that. So many questions have been answered, also all the video clips help when I haven’t seen that many good dogs out working doing the REAL work. All I’ve been shown is a small round yard etc. I am getting into your book but I’m not much of a reader... love the DVD.
Sally Everingham
Fantastic DVD
Fantastic DVD packed full of information
John Genoni
Natural Ability DVD sheepdog instincts cover image
Stunned at how good it is! Worth every penny and more
G’day Tully. Many thanks for the DVD. I am working through it a couple of sections per night and am stunned at how good it is! I’ll let you know more when I’m finished but I’ve already picked up a lot. Thank you!…. G’day Tully, I have finished the DVD and am very pleased with what it taught me. It is worth every penny and more, particularly as I can reference it whenever I want. Again, thank you!
Mark Worrad, Bathhurst, NSW
Natural Ability DVD sheepdog instincts cover image
It’s what I’ve been looking for!
Hi Tully, I received your DVD yesterday and can I say it’s what I’ve been looking for! I’ve wasted a lot of money on expensive DVD’s from trialers, which just haven’t been as educational as I wished. I will be looking to see if you have more DVD’s I can learn from, and will watch the one I have again till it sticks well and truly. Thankyou very much for producing such a quality DVD. You have knowledge that needs to be passed on and a great manner to do so.
Marina Angel-Smith, WA
Natural Ability DVD sheepdog instincts cover image
Fantastic DVD…has changed my views so much
Hi Tully, I just wanted to let you know I received your fantastic DVD and book last week. Your DVD is by far the most in depth discussion on natural ability and instinct I have ever come across! I am thoroughly enjoying it, and it's so nice to purchase something like this that isn't over within the hour! I am almost half way through your book and am about ready to start at the beginning again! There is just so much to take in it's fantastic! The little bit I have read has changed my views so much on how I look at my dogs.
Amie Chalwell
I will be using this as my guide from now on
Very useful DVD for anyone interested in working or breeding top quality working dogs. I will be using this as my guide from now on, when looking for natural instincts and abilities in my future pups.

Natural ability sheepdog instincts dvd

4 1/2 hours – $125 (AUD)
(NOTE: This DVD is best watched in conjunction with the book, and corresponds to the first section of that book.)

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