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    My Philosophy

    Over-commanded robots, or purposeful partners?
    My philosophy on sheepdog breeding, training and handling

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    Overview: In this video, I outline the philosophy that underpins all of my sheepdog breeding, training and handling.

    If you want a high-quality natural working dog working in cooperative partnership with you at the highest level, this video outlines the three basic requirements.

    Also discusses some aspects of sheepdog trials, and sheepdog trial judging.

    Running time: 18 minutes

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  • Masterclass Sheepdog Training Video

    How to teach “Sit down” (lie down)

    First step in teaching “sit down” away from sheep

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    Overview: In this video, I discuss and demonstrate one method of how to teach our pup to “sit down” (lie down) to command, AWAY from sheep (dry). (For teaching this ON sheep, see the episode “Introducing Sit Down”.)

    Getting a great “sit down” (lie down) is one of the most important things we can do to help us train our sheepdogs (or cattle dogs) quickly and to a high standard. It allows us to prevent bad habits (something about to go wrong?! “Sit down!”) and also to establish good ones.

    One key to good sheepdog training is to always train in a “controllable situation”. This starts with a smaller yard, quiet sheep etc., and then moves on from there. A good “sit down” gives us a controllable situation in bigger areas much sooner, and so allows our training to progress a lot faster.

    In this episode, I demonstrate this with an older 11 month old pup in order to show the training when it is more difficult, so that you can get an idea of teaching it at its (almost) hardest.

    Running time: 14 minutes

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  • Masterclass Sheepdog Training Video

    “Stop there” – The standing stop – Part 1

    Train your sheepdog to stop moving while remaining standing up

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    Overview: In this video learn how to teach your sheepdog the first stage of a quick, easy and definite “Stop There” command.

    This tells the dog to stop moving, much like the “sit down” (lie down) command, but to remaining standing on it’s feet. In this episode I explain and demonstrate how to train this away from sheep, before then progressing onto sheep in the next episode.

    This command is vital for precision work such as sheepdog trials and so on, but is also indispensable for high-quality stock work in general.

    Running time: 11 minutes

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