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    The “Reverse Counter-Balance” directions exercise

    The “King” of the directional command exercises!

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    Overview: In this episode I explain in detail my “reverse counter-balance” directions exercise.

    This is the “king” of the directional commands exercises: done well it gives us good, solid control of the directional commands, regardless of where we’re standing or what we’re doing, or where the sheep are standing or what they’re doing.

    If you struggle to get your dog to obey the directional commands off balance, then this is the episode that will help fix it for you.

    It builds on the four previous exercises – “Introducing the Directional Commands”, “The Neutral Stationary Directions”, “The Offset Stationary Directions” and the “Crossing behind Directions”.

    Running time: 30 minutes

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    Introducing the directional (flanking/side) commands

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    Overview: This video deals with the first introduction of training the directional commands (sometimes called the flanking commands, or sides). This comes after having initially broken the sheepdog pup in to “go back”.

    Running time: 23 minutes

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    The “Stationary Directions”

    Increase control of the directional (flanking) commands with the “neutral” and “offset” stationary directions exercises

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    Overview: After giving the pup a basic introduction to the directional commands (see Introducing the directional commands), it is time to begin increasing it’s understanding, and gaining more control of the directions.

    To do this, I utilize a number of different training exercises. These include:

    1. Introduce the directional commands
    2. The “Stationary directions” – Neutral
    3. The “Stational directions” – Offset
    4. “Crossing behind”
    5. “Reverse counter-balance”, and
    6. The “Overtaking directions”

    These exercises start to teach the pup to obey the spoken commands regardless of our position. Many handler’s dogs are only responding to their position and movement (or their use of the training stick or arm signal), rather than to the spoken (or whistled) command itself. It is vital (if we want a well-trained dog), that we train the pup to respond to the directional commands regardless of where we are standing or what we are doing.

    In this training video, I look at the next exercises in my method of training the directional commands which do exactly that – the “neutral” and “offset” stationary directions.

    Note: In this episode we also see how Campaspe Rust’s “sit down” has progressed since we last saw him in “Introducing “Sit down”“.

    Running time: 17 minutes

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    The “Crossing Behind” directions

    One exercise that simultaneously does 4 things

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    Overview: In this video episode, I demonstrate and explain the 4th exercise in my system of directional command mastery – the “Crossing Behind” training exercise.

    Done properly, and used in conjunction with a well-designed, comprehensive commanding system, this one exercise achieves 4 things:

    1. It continues to increase the dog’s understanding of the directional (or flanking) commands, by progressing on from the “offset stationary directions” exercise.
    2. It introduces the next “positioning” command – “behind”.
    3. It introduces the dog to “driving” in a very basic form.
    4. It is the stepping stone to the pivotal “reverse counter-balance” directional (flanking) exercise.

    The “Crossing behind” directions exercise follows on from the previous “Stationary directions” exercise. In particular, it is a progression from the “offset” stationary directions exercise.

    Running time: 16 minutes

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    PRO’s and CON’s of the 4 systems of arm signals

    What is the best way to use arm signals, and the training stick?

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    Overview: In this video I discuss the FOUR WAYS arm signals can be used, and answer the question of which is the BEST METHOD of using the arms for training and for directing sheepdogs.

    Don’t SELL YOURSELF SHORT by using a SUB-STANDARD system of arm signals (and sub-standard use of the training stick).

    How we use our arms (and the training stick) when training our dogs, can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to how quickly and smoothly training progresses.  And how we use them when directing our sheepdogs at work (if we use arm signals at all) can greatly influence how effective they are.

    Running time: 22 minutes

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    The “POINTING” system of arm signals

    How to use the superior “pointing/guiding” system of arm signals for best results

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    Overview: A detailed video on how to use the superior “pointing/guiding” system of arm signals.

    POINTING in the direction you want the sheepdog to go (as compared to CHASING or blocking the dog), was a much more popular method of arm signals in the past than it is today.  It was used by some of the best sheepdog trainers, stockmen, and trial handlers, and for GOOD REASON.

    This is the method of arm signals (and the way of using the arms in sheepdog training) that I believe is superior to the “chasing/blocking” system.

    Running time: 12 minutes

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