Natural ability sheepdog instincts dvd

Natural Ability – The instincts of the high-calibre working sheepdog


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To be a good breeder, the most important point is understanding what makes the top dog, and what is possible. Only with the knowledge can the breeder hope to breed top dogs.  This DVD demonstrates, with footage of working dogs in action, exactly what instincts are needed to produce the top dog, and shows the abilities that are possible.

It utilises film clips of various dogs collected over the years, and comprehensive voice narration and discussion, to show in graphic form all the instincts necessary in the top dog, such as “short cover”, “breakaway break”, “width”, “casting ability”, “drive”, and many more.

Produced by the author of “Working Sheep Dogs – A practical guide to breeding, training and handling”, and correlating with “Part 1 – Natural ability and selection” of that book, this DVD should go a long way to helping keen breeders breed better working dogs. It will also assist people buying working dogs to understand what to look for.

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