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The ICEPIRP Process



The art and science of masterful sheepdog handling condensed into one simple acronym – I.C.E.P.I.R.P!

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Overview: Do you struggle with your working dog IGNORING you, or having to be told MULTIPLE TIMES to do EVERYTHING? Do you find sheepdog training slow and frustrating? Would you prefer that your dog did what it was told the FIRST TIME, quickly and easily? And that training was faster, easier, and more enjoyable, for both you and your dog?

This video by Tully Williams reveals A SIMPLE TO REMEMBER 9 WORD PHRASE, which when followed will revolutionize your handling! The process explained is at the HEART and CORE of nearly everything we do with sheepdogs. Master it, and you WILL see fantastic results.

So if you would like to shortcut your path to SHEEPDOG TRAINING SUCCESS, and learn in 30 MINUTES what takes most sheepdog trainers years to master (and most never have), then watch this video today and revolutionize your sheepdog training.


Running time: 25 minutes