How to train “GET OUT” faster, easier, and more effectively

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Overview: In this video, I demonstrate my method of training the sheepdog pup to “get out” to command, and to work wider off its sheep. This method is one I have never seen anyone else use, and it gets MUCH faster, EASIER results than other methods.

Most handlers just tend to chase their dogs out wider in some fashion while yelling at them to “get out”.  This is often not very effective. My method has important differences that mean the sheepdog understands very quickly EXACTLY what we expect it to do, and is therefore FAR more effective and gets FAR better results, with minimal time and effort.

This also slows (and calms) everything down (dog, sheep, and handler!). It makes it much easier for the trainer to maintain a position of control (see The Handler’s Position). This is particularly important with pups lacking the natural instincts of “width”, “square break” and “breakaway break”, but all sheepdogs should be taught the “get out” command at some stage.

I also use this as the foundation for training the dog to cast.

Running time: 20 minutes

Suggested pre-requisites:

“Starting the pup on sheep (Part 1)”
“Starting the pup on sheep (Part 2)”

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