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The Keystone is what holds everything else together!

This category contains videos with key (hinge/pivotal) content that, if understood, have the potential to take your sheepdog training to a whole new level. And videos that many other aspects rely upon.

Note: Some videos may appear in multiple categories

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    My Philosophy

    Over-commanded robots, or purposeful partners?
    My philosophy on sheepdog breeding, training and handling

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    Overview: In this video, I outline the philosophy that underpins all of my sheepdog breeding, training and handling.

    If you want a high-quality natural working dog working in cooperative partnership with you at the highest level, this video outlines the three basic requirements.

    Also discusses some aspects of sheepdog trials, and sheepdog trial judging.

    Running time: 18 minutes

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    The “Reverse Counter-Balance” directions exercise

    The “King” of the directional command exercises!

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    Overview: In this episode I explain in detail my “reverse counter-balance” directions exercise.

    This is the “king” of the directional commands exercises: done well it gives us good, solid control of the directional commands, regardless of where we’re standing or what we’re doing, or where the sheep are standing or what they’re doing.

    If you struggle to get your dog to obey the directional commands off balance, then this is the episode that will help fix it for you.

    It builds on the four previous exercises – “Introducing the Directional Commands”, “The Neutral Stationary Directions”, “The Offset Stationary Directions” and the “Crossing behind Directions”.

    Running time: 30 minutes

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    The ICEPIRP Process

    The art and science of masterful sheepdog handling condensed into one invaluable process!

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    Overview: Shortcut your path to sheepdog training success: Learn in 30 minutes what takes most sheepdog trainers years to master (and many never do)!

    Do you struggle with your working dog IGNORING you, or having to be told MULTIPLE TIMES to do EVERYTHING? Do you find sheepdog training slow and frustrating? Would you prefer that your dog did what it was told the FIRST TIME, quickly and easily? And that training was faster, easier, and more enjoyable, for both you and your dog?

    This video by Tully Williams reveals A SIMPLE TO REMEMBER 9 WORD PHRASE, which when followed will revolutionize your handling!

    So if you would like to shortcut your path to SHEEPDOG TRAINING SUCCESS, and learn in 30 MINUTES what takes most sheepdog trainers years to master (and many never do), then watch this video today and revolutionize your sheepdog training.

    Running time: 25 minutes

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    The Handler’s Position

    In control? or Out of control?!
    Utilize the “POSITION OF CONTROL” and take your training to the next level

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    Overview: Knowing where to position yourself in relation to the sheep and the dog (and what to do in that position) in order to train the sheepdog in the way you desire, is VITAL to becoming a good sheepdog (and livestock) handler and trainer.  I call this position the “POSITION OF CONTROL” or the  “POSITION OF INFLUENCE”.

    If you are OUT OF POSITION, then no other sheepdog training methods or techniques will be effective!

    If you are in the right position, then training becomes MUCH quicker and easier.

    In this video, I explain EXACTLY where the “position of control” or “position of influence” is, how to GET yourself into that position, and then how to MAINTAIN that position with everything (sheep, dog, you) constantly moving and changing. If you are in the RIGHT POSITION, then everything else in your sheepdog training will work relatively easily.  If you are not, then sheepdog training can seem almost impossible!

    I also touch on some PRINCIPLES OF LIVESTOCK HANDLING, and why I don’t find descriptions such as “behind the eye”, “on the shoulder”, “on the hip”, etc., to be of much value, either when handling livestock or when training sheepdogs.

    Running time: 45 minutes

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    “Get out” – Widening the sheepdog out

    How to train “GET OUT” faster, easier, and more effectively

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    Overview: In this video, I demonstrate my method of training the sheepdog pup to “get out” to command, and to work wider off its sheep. This method is one I have never seen anyone else use, and it gets MUCH faster, EASIER results than other methods.

    Most handlers just tend to chase their dogs out wider in some fashion while yelling at them to “get out”.  This is often not very effective. My method has important differences that mean the sheepdog understands very quickly EXACTLY what we expect it to do, and is therefore FAR more effective and gets FAR better results, with minimal time and effort.

    This also slows (and calms) everything down (dog, sheep, and handler!). It makes it much easier for the trainer to maintain a position of control (see The Handler’s Position). This is particularly important with pups lacking the natural instincts of “width”, “square break” and “breakaway break”, but all sheepdogs should be taught the “get out” command at some stage.

    I also use this as the foundation for training the dog to cast.

    Running time: 20 minutes

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